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My domain is computer science. So when I talk about lean I am referring to the lean software development. It is an adaption of lean manufacturing modified to the software development domain. The starting point of lean was the Toyota Production System.

There are 7 lean principles: Eliminate waste, Amplify learning, Decide as late as possible, Deliver as fast as possible, Empower the team, Build integrity in, See the whole.

As a Certified Scrum Master, I believe software development companies should do agile the right way. Most don’t.


Right now I am a release manager for a software development company. But my background is centered around programming languages. From most used to least used I am very comfortable with C#, VB, JavaScript, XML, HTML, PHP, Java, …

Frankly, I don’t really care about the syntax of the programming language. The semantics of the program is much more important.

Online Marketing

This is a hobby of mine. The past few years I have been very intrigued by how the marketing space has shifted from traditional to online marketing.

I am astonished every day to find out that big companies are not reaching their potential in sales because they still hold the traditional marketing so dearly and are afraid to dive into online marketing. In order to stay ahead of their competition companies should invest in this field.

To help companies see their full online potential I help them with their online marketing.

Currently, I am skilled in Email Marketing, Email Automation, Facebook Ads, AdWords, SEO, and more.

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